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A Dangerous Place

A Dangerous Place

The year 1937 finds Maisie, reeling from recent personal tragedies—the happiest period of her life has ended abruptly, and after a period of time seeking solace in America, and once again in India, she decides to return home. But as her ship sails closer to England, she is overcome with fear that she is still not ready to take up her past life. She disembarks in Gibraltar, ignoring an ominous warning from the ship's captain—she has arrived in a dangerous place. Gibraltar is indeed perilous: this key British stronghold is a hub of clandestine activity, overrun with intelligence operatives, double agents, and refugees fleeing the Spanish Civil War just across the border.

Soon after her arrival on "the Rock," Maisie stumbles upon the body of Sebastian Babayoff, a member of the town's close-knit Sephardic Jewish community. Over objections from the local authorities, Maisie begins looking into his murder. Before long, she finds herself under scrutiny by the British Secret Service—and other interested parties.

As she follows the evidence deep into a web of geopolitical intrigue, Maisie discovers that working again after such a long hiatus tempers her feelings of despair. It is only after she has unraveled the truth about Babayoff's murder that Maisie feels able to return to England. What she chooses to do instead will astonish readers.

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Harper, Hardcover, (March 2015), ISBN-13: 978-0062220554


"In A Dangerous Place the latest installment of Jacqueline Winspear's consistently interesting series about a trained psychologist turned private lnvestlgator, Maisie (Dobbs) is still in shock from the personal losses she has suffered in the four years since we've last seen her: She's sailing home to England from India when she stops off in Gibraltar, which is not a healthy place to be in 1937, with civil war raging across the border in Spain, German bombers headed for Guernica and foreign operatives skulking around every comer. Try as she might to concentrate an a murder case, she's drawn into a climate of political intrigue that repels her—but keeps the rest of us avidly reading."
   —Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review

"Winspear is not interested in just retreading old ground. With each new book, Maisie has been forced to take a closer look at her motives and her actions. With A Dangerous Place, she must also confront the actions of her own government—and the frightening possibility that the murderer is beyond justice and the victim is just one of many to come. With clarity and economy, Winspear lays the historical groundwork for her story without bogging us down in details of an incredibly complex conflict. The setting matters, but what may matter more is the lovely, sometimes poetic way Winspear pushes her heroine forward, rewarding those who have read the entire series without excluding those who haven't. May she shine on the literary scene for many books to come."
   —USA Today

"The eleventh entry in the Maisie Dobbs series, with enough backstory to stand alone, shows the same meticulous research that grounds these books so firmly in their time and place, along with moving life changes that further humanize the intrepid protagonist. Another winner from Winspear."
   —Booklist, starred review

"A Dangerous Place builds upon the past books of the series, but the author skillfully covers the background information and events for new readers to feel comfortable with Maisie's life story. Maisie's personality and character guide the gripping action. Although her grief and suffering are felt, so is her determination to face the world again. The mystery becomes her salvation and life force.
This is a well-written and well-paced page-turning novel. Historical fiction fans will savor the accurate and nuanced portrait Winspear presents of the Spanish Civil War. The politics of Franco, the International Brigades, Republicans, Nationalists, Fascism, Socialism, and the tragic bombing of Guernica are all outlined and enveloped in the intrigue, and a final plot twist pulls Maisie and history together."
   —The Jewish Book Council

"Winspear elegantly weaves historical events with Maisie's own suffering—the bombing of Guernica is particularly well-done—all while constructing an engaging whodunit. Fans of this long-running series will welcome Maisie's return in this 11th installment while feeling the pain of her losses as deeply as if they were their own."
   —Kirkus Reviews

"Winspear again displays mastery of her craft as she weaves a gripping and moving story, filled with fully realized characters and spare but stylish prose. She starts strong—her devastating first chapter details Maisie's life since the last installment—and ends triumphantly with a conclusion that finds Maisie following her instincts. As always, Maisie—one of the most complex and admirable characters in contemporary fiction—fulfills expectations. And Winspear continues to dazzle as she once again excels in and transcends the genre."
   —Richmond-Times Dispatch