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Leaving Everything Most Loved

The books featuring Maisie Dobbs have been published in many countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Sweden, Taiwan, Japan, Italy, Spain and France, with different versions sold throughout the world. As the author I have been surprised by the varying interpretations of the book depicted in the covers, however, it is the designs created by British artist Andrew Davidson for the US editions that have garnered most attention and have been described as "iconic" by booksellers and readers alike. As the creator of the character and the series, I have been thrilled by the manner in which Andrew has taken my own cover ideas and interpreted them in such a powerful way. You can read more about his work at: www.theartworksinc.com.

Developing a new website design to complement both the Maisie Dobbs series as well as my other work as a writer (and of course the work I have in mind!) was important to me, so after considering the portfolios of several designers, I have been blessed with having Madeira James of www.xuni.com design my website. She has taken the "butterfly" image that I found in a wonderful book on 1930's design and interpreted in a manner that seems to speak to the unfolding character of Maisie Dobbs—and she's made my website easy to navigate (very important for a technical Luddite like me).

The butterfly design was originally used for wallpaper in the 1930's, though the artist is not known. The image was taken from 1930s Commercial Art, published by The Pepin Press of The Netherlands, who kindly gave their permission for the design to be used on my website. You can read more about them at: www.pepinpress.com.

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