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Newsletter Archive


April: A Roof Over Your Head in Post-war Britain
March: Maisie Dobbs — The Final Accounting


April: The White Lady—A New York Times and National Bestseller!
March: Fun With Fantasy Casting
February: Base Themes and The White Lady
January: Origins of The White Lady


December: Introducing The White Lady
March: A Sunlit Weapon publication day!
February: Naming a Character in A Sunlit Weapon
January: Over there—African American Soldiers in WW2 Britain


December: It’s 1942 and Maisie Dobbs Meets Eleanor Roosevelt
November: Women, Flight and A Sunlit Weapon, #17 in the Maisie Dobbs Series
March: The Consequences of Fear—and Vidal Sassoon!
February: The Consequences of Fear and the Maisie Dobbs Saga
January: The Arc of a Story—and the Maisie Dobbs’ series


December: A Child's War
October: Little Miss Nosey And Her Research
September: Playing in the dirt
June: And now for something completely different!


February: Going Where The Boys Are Going—Women War Correspondents, The American Agent and More
January: The American Agent and What Would Maisie Do?


December: Of Spitfires, Hurricanes and The American Agent
November: The American Agent—and The Blitz in 1940
March #2: A Boy and his Dog in To Die But Once
March #1: A Sense of Time and Place
January #2: A word about language
January #1: To Die But Once—My father’s story and how family experiences of war have inspired my work


March: Background research for the Maisie Dobbs’ novels
February: WW2 Evacuees (In This Grave Hour)
January: WW2 Refugees and Evacuees


March: Trains, Planes and Automobiles—Travel in the 1930’s
January #2: My own journey to Munich—a word on place and the nature of change
January #1: The inventor who inspired Journey To Munich


February #2: Gibraltar and the Spanish Civil War
February #1: My visit to Gibraltar—and my research for A Dangerous Place
January: Writing A Dangerous Place and what it’s like to write a series


December: News update on A Dangerous Place and The Care and Management of Lies
July: Link to essay in The Daily Beast
June: Writing About War
May: Exploring the themes behind The Care and Management of Lies—Getting mail to the battlefields in WW1, a woman’s job! Plus more on food in wartime
April: An army marches on its stomach—the importance of food in wartime
March: Publication update—Leaving Everything Most Loved and The Care and Management of Lies


March: The ayahs who inspired Leaving Everything Most Loved
February #2: Thoughts on the nature of exile (for Leaving Everything Most Loved)
February #1: Learning how to wear a sari


December: Across The Miles—the seeds of Leaving Everything Most Loved
March: Horsepower—the story behind the cover of Elegy For Eddie
February: About the inspiration for Elegy For Eddie
January: Introducing Elegy For Eddie


December: A Christmas message—and something from Carol Ann Duffy, Britain’s poet laureate
September: An Extraordinary Generation—The woman of WW1
March: Where Maisie’s “wisdom” comes from
February: The inspiration for The Mapping of Love and Death
January: The spy who lived along the road


March 2010: A few characters from the Maisie Dobbs series
February 2010: The young man at the heart of The Mapping of Love and Death
January 2010: The article that inspired The Mapping of Love and Death