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Thanksgiving is behind us now, and we're on the home-stretch towards the end of 2014, so I thought I'd pen a newsletter to you with an update on what's next for Maisie Dobbs.

Do you remember these words?

"Yes, she would be back."

That's the last sentence in 2013's Leaving Everything Most Loved. Having set sail for India, Maisie Dobbs looks back at her loved ones and England as the ship bears her away, and realizes that she will indeed return—one day.

It was also your clue!!!

The onslaught of emails, letters and Facebook messages regarding the future of the series left me in no doubt that my message to readers embedded in the closing lines of Leaving Everything Most Loved might have been a bit too subtle. Everyone wanted to know if Maisie was coming back, and so many of you were fearful that she would not return. But worry not!

On March 17, 2015, A Dangerous Place will be published.

A Dangerous Place

The novel opens in April 1937, and though Maisie is indeed overseas, she is not in India when the book opens. Readers soon learn where she has been and what has come to pass in her life in the intervening years since her departure from Southampton. Here's where you will find her on the first page. Do you know where it is?

A Dangerous Place

A bit of news on The Care and Management of Lies, the 2014 standalone novel set in the opening months of WWI, a conflict that became known as The Great War.

The Care and Management of Lies  The Care and Management of Lies

First of all, the paperback edition will be published in the United Kingdom, Australasia/British Commonwealth in January 2015, and in the United States/Canada in July 2015.

A great many of you have asked if there was going to be a sequel to the story, and at first my answer was "No"—I was quite sure that I had said all I wanted to say in this novel. Then I realized that there was more to tell, and that I already knew in my heart what comes to pass in the life of Kezia Brissenden as the Great War draws to a close—more importantly, I knew I wasn't ready to leave her behind, and that I wanted to tell more of her story. So, although you won't see the sequel to The Care And Management Of Lies next year, it's a case of "Watch this space." Kezia Brissenden will most definitely be back!

I will be returning with another newsletter in early 2015, giving you more background information on A Dangerous Place. I'm very excited about this novel, as it represents the start of a new direction for Maisie Dobbs. I, for one, am curious about how this woman—who has seen so much change over the course of her life, including the fallout from a terrible war—will fare when faced with another catastrophic conflict.

Wishing you all much joy and peace throughout the holidays and in the coming year. May you be blessed.


A Dangerous Place, to be published March 17, 2015

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