Time flies when you're ... hard at work! Spring is on the horizon and I am nowhere near ready for it. Where did the time go? March is almost here, and already shaping up to be an exciting month for me, with books being published one after the other. Here's the schedule:

March 6th—the paperback edition of A LESSON IN SECRETS will be published in the USA & Canada.

March 26th—the paperback edition of THE MAPPING OF LOVE & DEATH will be published in the United Kingdom.

March 26thA LESSON IN SECRETS will be published for the first time in the United Kingdom.

A Lesson in Secrets  The Mapping of Love & Death

And on March 27th, ELEGY FOR EDDIE, the ninth novel in the Maisie Dobbs series, will be published in the USA & Canada.

Elegy for Eddie


And the icing on the cake is the launch of MARCH IS MAISIE MONTH! Click on the link below to read about what the month of March holds for fans of the Maisie Dobbs series.

March is Maisie Month

More news! A LESSON IN SECRETS has been nominated for two awards, which is just amazing: The Bruce Alexander Award for Best Historical Mystery (which was awarded to THE MAPPING OF LOVE & DEATH last year), and The Agatha Award for Best Historical Novel. I am so honored to be nominated for these awards, and alongside such amazing authors—that's even more icing on the cake!

The ELEGY FOR EDDIE book tour is now up on my website's Appearances page, so please check it out—I'd love to see you if you are able to come along to one of the events. I'll be updating the page soon with some additional events, so remember to come back again to see where else I'll be during March/April.

Writing ELEGY FOR EDDIE was a very personal experience for me. As you know, the novel was inspired by the true story of a young man who had a magical way with horses, but who died in suspicious circumstances. My father knew that young man when he was a boy—and it was his telling of the story that piqued my curiosity. Incorporating it into the life and work of Maisie Dobbs takes the "Psychologist & Investigator" back to her roots, and leads her to question her future—a future that already seems caught up in at time that will one day be known as one of the tumultuous in history.

ELEGY FOR EDDIE will be on sale in stores starting March 27th, or you can preorder using the following links:

Barnes & Noble

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