The Mapping of Love and Death Greetings!

As you know, The Mapping of Love and Death, will be in bookstores in just a few days—officially from March 23rd. And I'll be skiing! I know that sounds like a strange thing for an author to be doing at such a time, however, I planned this short trip long before the publication date was set, so I'll be on the slopes while the team at Harper Collins who planned my book tour will be praying that I do not do anything too silly in the snow, especially with my book tour looming—it starts on April 5th and continues on until early May. You can find out more information on the Appearances page.

In my last newsletter, I said that I would be talking a bit more about some of the characters closest to Maisie—those she loves dearly will be playing a more significant part in The Mapping of Love and Death.

I hear from so many readers who have great affection for Billy Beale, Maisie's assistant. He is loyal, kind and so very protective of Maisie, and he'll never forget their first brief meeting in the Great War, when he was a badly wounded soldier and she was a nurse in a casualty clearing station. Maisie is in turn a supportive employer throughout the many trials and tribulations that seem to beset the Beale family, however, she understands only too well that Billy is a proud man, a man who wants to provide for his family with his own endeavor.

Priscilla is Maisie's dear friend from her days at Girton College. Without doubt, they are "chalk and cheese" but hold each other in great affection. They have helped each other through challenging times, and Maisie adores Priscilla's three sons, who always seem to be up to some mischief—rather like their mother. In The Mapping of Love and Death, Priscilla is again trying to play matchmaker for Maisie—and Maisie also draws upon Priscilla's many contacts.

We've all been through times when events concerning family and friends are paramount, when we are pulled between the demands of work and the needs of those we love—and Maisie is no exception when it comes to being challenged by the march of time and circumstance. In The Mapping of Love and Death, she is shattered by the ill-health of her beloved mentor, Maurice Blanche. And at the same time she finds her heart touched by love.

I hope you enjoy immersing yourself in the life of Maisie Dobbs once more. The Mapping of Love and Death brings many changes to her life—changes that leave Maisie curious as to what might come next.

With all good wishes,