“with clarity and economy, Winspear lays the historical groundwork. . . . The setting matters, but what may matter more is the lovely, sometimes poetic way Winspear pushes her heroine forward. . . . May she shine on the literary scene for many books to come.”
—USA Today


Upcoming Book

A new Maisie Dobbs book is coming March 26th, 2019! The American Agent is set in September 1940 during Hitler’s Blitzkrieg attacks on Britain.

The latest Maisie Dobbs’ book, To Die But Once, will be available in paperback on February 26th, 2019.

What Would Maisie Do?—also coming in March 2019, a collection of readers’ favorite passages from the Maisie Dobbs’ series, together with the story behind each passage, sections on locations featured in the books, and pages for journaling. Check out the community page; full website coming on Valentine’s Day!

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Header image: Barrage balloons over London in WW2 (Wikimedia Commons)